Thursday, 11 October 2012

Heres a handy website we've found with some tutorials that will help us define what we could do for our game.
We have been thinking about quick time events for our mechanic so from those tutorials we found this video explaing how to create them in UDK.
This is a link for a great tutorial on how to create cinematic events in UDK
Here's another great tutorial for picking up and placing items, perfect for a point and click style game.
Just leaving this here for future reference :)
here is a tutorial for low poly characters,
a tutorial for getting a camera to move when triggered
Here is a page of great tutorials from a guy called Chris Albeluhn on lighting techniques and other cool UDK features we may need to use
Another great list of tutorial on this page.
UDN Matinee and Cinematics help page
first person camera tutorials

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