Friday, 26 October 2012

Final beach layout and basic blockout

Image of the final beach are layout.

Basic blockout of first beach area made with the landscape and block bsp to help define the gerneral shape.

Quick Time progress

So far with quick time events:

the 3 screens show the slab of concrete falling, the next steps are to set a a button press to activate a different animation for the character to jump out of the way, and a kill event if the player doesnt press it

By Rob Edgell

UDK ScaleForm Tutorial Test

Following a tutorial on scaleform - Test.

Video will be uploaded when poss.
Other tests to follow, following this will be custom splash screen, and custom loading screen tests, and menu designs.

Link to tutorial

Created by Dean.

Tribe Concept

Here is a early concept of the area were the tribe of people live. There will be a small number of huts for living in which the player may be able to out inside and explore.
By Paul

Early Concept of temple corridor

Here is a early concept of look of a corridor in the temple.
By Paul

Temple Entrance Concept

Here is a concept of  the entracne to the temple.

By Paul

Asset Design

Here are a few concept designs of assets to be placed in the tribe area.
By Paul

body shape

Assets Research

Researching into different assets for the tribe.

By Paul


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Island beach design iterations

 These are designs of the beach area that will be the first area of our game. These are the pencil sketches and further down are the inked images that will be shown to the group and re-iterated into a final design. 

This quick sketch of a doorway i coloured using basic tones we found to be used well with rock formations in close jungle areas.
By Lewis

Monday, 22 October 2012

first person view idea

When in first person view, to give at least a level of interaction with the player when the player looks at certain points they would get visual clues as to what theyre looking at, or from what their character perceives, so that you are not just looking at a picture

Friday, 19 October 2012

Tribe Hut Mood Board

Here is a mood board of tribe and tropical huts to help with the concept designs of the huts being designed for the game.

By Paul

Airship Research

Airship Research
Here are a number of images to help in designing the airship for the game. The research looks into airship designs from final fantasy and of steampunk design.
By Paul

temple mood board

Temple Mood Board
I looked into temple entrances which are located in a forest or jungle. There are also some corridor images to help with the design of the inside of the temple.
By Paul


experimented with another body type and got a idea of more costume ideas
we've decided it still looks to young and out of proportion too much so nee to revisit the body shape

by sian bailey

Music Examples

Some examples of music, created by my friend (Daniel Murray) who has agreed to help create music for our game.

Posted by Dean.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tribe hut concepts

Here are some concepts for the tribe huts and assets including a village well. I had a little play around with the colour of the huts and the designs of each one.

By Paul

First person action button / Cinematic testing


This first video demonstrates the basic cinematic set up for our game using kismet and matinee, and the image underneath is the kismet connections that makes the cinematic work and the lik below shows more static cameras to try and find a cinematic style and we implemented a trigger to view in first person from a fixed position.

The image underneath shows the kismet set up that enables the player to press a certain button to activate a first person mode.

 The image beneath is from the fist video on the blog that shows the pick up and place items to open a door in the kismet. It shows the first pick up and place connections and the matinee for the door to open.
By Lewis

Using Bools - Puzzle Mechanics.

Full set up. Triggers placed. Lights placed. Liam placed. Statue placed (hidden). Camera placed.

Kismet data showing how ONE of the wheels work. Wheel will only activate the light is spun
a certain number of times. (Left once, middle twice, right three times).

Matinee data for the wheel to spin a full 90 degrees, which is attahed to the kismet above this image.

Once all 3 wheels have been activated this kismet script will activate playing the rest of the script and cinematic.

Matinee data showing the camera movement, and the staute movement, which is attahed to the kismet above this image.

Full Kismet script. Video below of it in action.

Created by Dean.

Fire Particle Effects

Textures was imported into UDK. Materials created from textures.

Material properties for the Smoke/Fire material.

Material properties for the 'ember'.

Particle effect created. Full screen of particle properties.

Options to create the fire/smoke and embers was all created.

'Color over life' for the fire. Give the effect of fire being hot at the start, then cools off.

'Size by life' for the fire. Give the effect of the flame dieing ot over time.

'Size by life' for the smoke. Give the effect of smoke getting slightly more dense as it rises.

(More options was changed to give the full effect of a flame on a torch)

Created by Dean.