Thursday, 31 January 2013

custom character in blank udk project

we now have a character into our blank udk project and working within one of our map iterations...HAZZAR!!! 

Monday, 28 January 2013

ruins research

just getting an idea of what older pillars look like from mayan, roman & aztec cultures look like after age/weather have affected them

Updated Water Texture - New Trees

Created by Lewis stocker

Friday, 25 January 2013

Update Landscape with ambient occlusion map

Chieftain Model Update

Work In Progress

By Paul

Update Work

work in progress: seperate character meshes

started off by modeling the shirt shape

then as a separate mesh i added the ripped section of the shirt by duplicating the bottom faces 

i did the same for the collar shape

and the ripped sleeve 

and i started modelling the shape of the head :/ 

all meshes together so far

Monday, 21 January 2013

Character development and help

We've gone back to the first block out of the character and lewis has arranged verts more inward to smooth him out. 

we've also tested the mesh in mudbox to get an idea of what we can do for its shape :) 

Side scrolling camera

after banging my head against a wall dealing with code, i decided to try doing it again with kismet

with the above kismet it disables the A & D keys, so there is no camera bobbing when the character sidesteps

With this one i wanted to try getting the character to change the position theyre facing when diffferent keys are pressed

however no matter what the vector information is, it will change the camera position to the same axis
need to find out why its doing this

Village Bridge update

New village bridge by Paul

Bridge Research

Village Bridge research by Paul

Village Well

Village Well By Paul

Chieftain Hut

Chieftain Hut By Paul

character flail

so trying to tweak the character more and this image just defines the frustrations i'm having with the very defined straight edges. will need some advise on how to fix it


Friday, 11 January 2013

Character development

LOD foliage

Character import with camera set up

Side scrolling cameras

As a part of our cinematic feel we decided upon having a side scrolling camera as part of our cinematic feel

this link leads to a blog of someone doing exactly that, with fixes to his issues,

this link is within that itself which explains all the code needed for the UDNPawn.uc & UDNPlayercontroller.uc

Village Hut Asset

Chieftain Hut By Paul

Small Hut By Paul

Bridge By Paul

Village Hut Idea

By Paul

Chieftain Blockout

Chieftain Blockout by Paul


Chieftain by Paul 

         Original                                                                                           Update          


By Paul