Tuesday, 26 February 2013

failed animtree (i tried)

i thought that maybe setting up an animtree with blend by speed would automatically map the setting the the xbox analog stick. it was worth a try. but further research suggests this involves scripting with the ground speed and calling the animsets/tree.

we can still use the jog within other events within matinee?

they see me strollin'...the hating (jog cycle)

im not sure i shoulda put this at a 24frame cycle as its pretty much the same speed as the walk cycle :/

Sunday, 24 February 2013

totally fixed the issue!

because i'm an idiot

i figured importing the animation into the animset would also import the weighting and mesh changes...when its the skeletal mesh that needed re importing! DUUUUH!!!!

walk cycle and weighting issues

there is a gap in the shirt and trousers when he walks which i edited in maya yet the import doesnt bring the change over

there was an issue with the collar when animating which was fixed by weighting while animating. yet...this weighting doesn't carry over to udk...

but here is the cycle implemented into the engine 

walk cycle attempt

Thursday, 21 February 2013

character weighting

This has been a huge step backwards. Its literally taken me all day (restarting the process about 6 times) to just get some kind of weighting effect and get it working in udk and not break the rig. i have no evidence but there were millions of issues!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chieftain Update

This is the chieftain imported from mudbox to maya with the chieftain texture applied after.

This is the model in udk. I can't seem to get the smoothness in the face from maya to udk.

Recent Temple Updates

Above image is with the light mirror disabled

Above image is with the light mirror enabled
More colour correction will done at a later date

By Lewis and Dean

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

updated the playable mesh with materials


when adding the material to the character it kept appearing transparent with wierd results! if i broke the transparent connection it was fine

all of the difference between mudbox and maya...urg :/ i just wanted to get a basic outline done so i can get on with animating!

and udk...

Chieftain - Progress

Mudbox low poly mesh in maya.

In udk with the a textute and normal applied. FBX smooth wasn't setup. 


Setting the material up in udk.

By Paul