Thursday, 11 October 2012

Islands and huts

We are thinking of basing our game on an island with a small community/tribe. We're thinking palm trees, wooden huts, greenary. I've taken a few images from final fantasy 9 and 10 as these are our main influsences and a few realistic imagery. to get an idea of the colour scheme ive also mosaiced the colours the get an idea of tones.
We liked how this image showed a sense of community within the centered trees with the wooden cart, well and hut in the background. give a nice idea of layout for a village.

 taken from final fantasy 10 we liked the feel of the wooden pier on the water leading the to main island. it give a unique look with the huts on water too. the pallet is more orange and brown but and looks pale due to the tones used. it gives a warm effect.
taken from final fantasy 9
taken from final fantasy 9
taken from final fantasy 10

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