Friday, 15 February 2013

just to prove i did work this week...i broke our model

i imported the combined mesh into mudbox and had these THREE issues. considering i had combined the mesh i couldn't press delete this mesh to see where the issue was.

we decided to ignore it and see what was going on. when trying to add subdivisions and we had this error which showed us there was an issue in the boots.

back in maya we saw an issue that must have appeared when i deleted a face -___- after fixing it we had one less warning - yay

we then had this issue when adding subdivisions 

so in maya we seperated the mesh so we could delete the mesh in mudbox that was giving us issues. we ended with this result.

i thought there might we an issue when i had extruded the belt so BACK in maya we got a better look and saw this O_O so i completely deleted the belt and just made it a part of the pants.


sorry for this set back :( 

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